Update Error: The PackageKit daemon has crashed

  1. You may configure the time interval the applet notifies about new updates.

  2. You may disable the applet in the system tray

  3. When enabled the applet refreshes the caches and notifies about new packages, but does not take any action

  4. There are 3 options available for installing the new packages:

  5. click “Install” in the applet

  6. use “yast2 sw_single”

  7. use “zypper dist-upgrade”

Use the option which works best for you

That is a personal approach. As I am managing the systems here in the house (of which i use one for my day to day scores, but that is my role of user), I have a maintenance window once a week. Then I check for backups, assess them and mostly then install them. It is also time for backups then and for eventual other maintenance.

I probably must add that I do not run Tumbleweed, thus checking for updates with YaST > Software > Online update is easy enough. I see the updates offered, mostly not more that 5 - 10 of them, cehck what they are for and mostly > OK.

I see no use case for my users (that is thus including myself) to have an applet sitting there. My users are f course NOT allowed to install any software in the system, updates or not.

The expectation when running Tumbleweed is to follow the Development Mailing List where snapshot announcements are made along with changes for the end user to review before updating…
eg: https://lists.opensuse.org/opensuse-factory/2020-10/msg00082.html

Did you report it? What is bug number?

We live in 2020, not in 1995, sheesh.

Anyway, it appears that the problem has been fixed and PackageKit isn’t crashing anymore.