Update error on Suse 11.3 (fresh install)

I have installed Suse 11.3 on my computer yesterday but since then I have been trying to update it but unable to do so. Everytime I try I get this error message:

“system management is locked by the application with pid 6953 (usr/sbin/packagekitd).
close this appliaction before trying again.”

What can I do to get rid of this. Please help me.
I am new to Suse, and have very little knowledge of Linux commands.

Thanks in advance.

Open a terminal window, then do

su -
<enter your root password here>

kill 6953


Thanks a lot.

Some basics with an explanation.

When you first start your openSUSE, the packagekitd will check for software updates. While it is doing that, you either need to close that application, or wait until it is finished before you start to try and update. If you look in the lower right hand corner of your screen/desktop, you shoudl see the icon that represents the packagekitd trying to do its job. And only one of you (either YOU or packagekitd) are allowed to do this at a time.

vodoo give you a command to kill it (based on the PID you provided) but did not provide the philosophy as to why that should work. Hopefully this extra bit helps.

And if you are quick enough you can go into the YaST online update before packagekitd checks for updates :slight_smile:

But please help me in getting rid of this problem. Every time I start Suse, there is some or the other process which interferes with update.

Is there any command to update Suse through Terminal.
(the one used in Ubuntu ‘sudo apt-get update’ doesn’t work here.)


apt- is not part of openSUSE

I assume you are using Gnome??
You need to configure the updater applet ‘never’ to look for updates.

To update from the terminal in SUSE

switch to su -
then do

zypper up

Sorry I forgot to mention earlier, I have KDE Suse 11.3.

Thanks a lot.

Right click the update applet in the tray
You can configure it not to start at boot, then quit and reboot. You should be good then.

Gnome users have to go to the control centre