Update Error: Missing Pkg in Repo?

I got the following error message when I checked for updates today:
/suse/setup/descr/appdata-icons-tar.gz/ not found on medium ‘http//download.opensuse.org/tumbleweed/repos/oss/’

BTW where are these error messages stored? I had to hand copy the error message. Can’t mouse over and paste the error message, and when I open Kate to copy the error, the error message closes.

Expected… there is a scheduled outage and a few hiccups in moving services. Disruptions until next week may occur.


Try another refresh, if it doesn’t work, go and enjoy the weekend computer free :wink:

Thanks. Where are these update error messages logged?

Have a look at /var/log/zypper.log

It could help when you told what you used to “check for updates”.
That could hint to where the logs are.
We now only got the impression that you used a GUI tool, because you talk about “the error message closes”. But that is only indirect evidence and not conclusive. :wink:

Should all be done from the command line for Tumbleweed…no GUI tools… zypper -vvv dup all the way.

I use the graphic update icon in the system tray.
BTW the update completed yesterday, but took a long time since the download was at dial-up modem speed. The GUI update by and large works well, with occasional hiccups. A while back I reported an update that completely broke KDE. So I installed Mate in order to have some sort of a GUI. (I also run Mint 17.3 Mate so I’m comfortable with it.) I did manage to restore KDE using zypper dup though.

And there is the recurring loss of the boot menu options for other OS’s after a kernel update, but I handle that as a matter of routine now.

Again, if your using Tumbleweed, zypper dup is the only recommended/supported method to update, as you alluded to you get breakages, if you used the zypper method it’s unlikely to break, or at least give you a clue as to what might break with the -vvv option…


(I thought that when more people tell you the same, you might believe it ;)).

The problem is that if something should not be used, it should not be available.
So if Packagekit in Thumbleweed is not used, it should not be installed.
This is a temptation

Tumbleweed is a rolling development release (Not designed for a production environment where the user may want functionality 24x7x365), with automated QA testing etc, features may be present for testing, as you have discovered, it works most of the time. Suggest you raise a bug and work with the maintainers to get it fixed all of the time? This is the whole purpose of both the distribution and the Tumbleweed release.

I have to laugh! I started with Leap when it was released. I could not get it to print with my old HP 1200 laser. IIRC Malcolm suggested at that time to try Tumbleweed since it had a more up-to-date version of hpijs. Indeed, I can print with Tumbleweed.

Possibly the current Leap will print for me now, but having come this far with Tumbleweed, occasional problems notwithstanding, I might as well stay with it.

Mentioned before: my interest in SuSE dates to 6.1. I use the now totally unsupported Linux WordPerfect 8.1, which I can still get to work with OS using shlib5 and a bit of tweaking. Linux WP 8.1 lost its print support after glibc 2.3.1, but I can open a WordPerfect .wpd file in LibreOffice and print it from there.

NB: WP 8.1 is the Debian version originally bundled with the now long-gone Corel Debian OS. I “aliened” the debs and installed as RPM’s for a while, until that stopped working. So I extracted the data tarballs from the original debs and installed that way. A lot of other fiddling is required to complete the installation, but it can still be done in SuSE.