Update dependency problem

I haven’t changed my repos – still using “factory” but when I try to update two packages fail:

kde4-superkaramba-4.1.2-26.1.i586 requires libpython2.6.so.1.0


kdelibs4-4.1.2-45.3.i586 requires shared-mime-info>=0.51

Of course it goes on to say that neither of these dependencies can be provided.

Would someone look and see if they have any of these installed and tell me what repo they came from - the dependencies that is.

Right now I have factory community, factory-extras and factory desktop enabled along with packman and a couple of the buildservice repos (audio, mozilla and xorg)

I also have the Gnome repos loaded as I used Gnome from time to time, but I don’t have any experimental or unstable repos loaded.

My KDE4.1.2 works fine without these updates, but I must be missing something.

Thanks in advance.

For libpython2.6.so.1.0 try:

For shared-mime-info>=0.51 try:

Thanks, in the interim, libpython2.6 made it into the KDE factory repo. I have not enabled the gnome:/Factory repo because the last time I did it borked my system. Gnome is my backup for when KDE4.1.2 breaks.

shared-mime-info>=0.51 should make it into kde repos eventually if it’s a KDE dependency … shouldn’t it??

Both of these issues have been resolved, but now I have a host of others. The KDE4.1.3 update is in the repos, but I have no less than 12 dependency issues. All of which seem related somehow to Suse 11.1. That tells me I’m missing a crucial repo somewhere.

kdelibs is dependent upon kde-susetranslations-11.1 which cannot be provided. That leads to a host of other dependency issues.

Is this just a quirk with suse repos that will work itself out over time, or am I missing one that supplies these dependencies?

I use factory-extras, factory-kde, factory-desktop, and factory-community. I also have several buildservice repos enabled for OpenOffice and Mozilla along with packman.

If anyone out there has been able to upgrade Suse-11.0 to KDE4.1.3 without errors would you please post your sources?