Update Broke Ktorrent & Vuze

I’m running OS 11.1x64, KDE4.1, on a 3ghz Pentium D system.

The Suse updater installed a few updates, one of which was a JAVA security patch, and now both Vuze (Azureus) and KTorrent load, but crash when you try to use any menu option. Ktorrent is the worst since it crashes almost immediately after coming up, but Vuze isn’t far behind. Can’t find any errors is the logs for either program.

Firefox and other software runs, and so does Open Office. The problem seems confined to the two torrent programs so far.

I feel a little silly asking this, but I don’t remember how this is done in 11.1:

Is there a way in Yast to pull up the updates, and possibly roll one back (downgrade) so I can get things working again?


Is this Vuze from Packman?
You could download the latest .jar form Vuze
SourceForge.net: Azureus: Downloading …

This is the actual page: SourceForge.net: Azureus: Files

Put this in:

Okay, thanks.

The problem seems to be fixed now, anyway. I’m not sure how, but I wound up with both Sun’s Java and Open Java installed and the two were in conflict. De-installed Open Java and now everything works again, including the java version test on java.com: Java + You.

Installing the latest Vuze as I type this . . . :slight_smile:

What I suggested was a fix method given to me via Packman maintainers for a previous issue.
The .jar file you drop in will be overwritten by the next Update of course.

Does that make sense. I hope so.

Thanks. I understand.

Sorry if my reply sounded a little rushed - it was. It was later than I realized and had to run out the door to get to work.