Update BIOS PW-945GCX with flashrom and live OpenSuse

Hi folks,
I need update my bios motheboard. Is a PW-945GCX. I downloaded the file .ROM in this link: http://download.tecnascimento.com/pw945gcx.zip
How I can update my BIOS in the OpenSuse live cd? This is possible with the flashrom program?

(I’m brazilian. So sorry per errors of writing)

I wouldn’t try this. You should be able to do this from a motherboard utiility in the BIOS, having the zip file on a FAT formatted USB stick. At least, this works on the machines I manage.

I need format a pendrive with FAT and put the BIOS files zip inside? Is this?
And after? I did never make this.

That’s the way the BIOS’s on my machines work (all ASUS motherboards). They have an update utility that allows me to browse, IIRC I unzip the file, then copy the .bin to USB drive, and use that. This is different on various motherboards/BIOS’s.