Update + ATI install problem

Trying to install the ATI driver.

I’m following the step by step instruction posted on the wiki openSUSE. The 1-click install to be more precise.

1st step is to run the online update.
firly easy even for a newbie like urs truly.

Half way through the update i get an error saying it cannot resolve host ‘ftp.roedu.net’.

Several retries later i decide to skip the update and try to istall the driver.

I download it and run it. I click next next next…and it starts. Couple of seconds later:

An error occurred while initializing the software repository.
System management is locked by the application with pid 5550 (/usr/lib/YaST2/bin/y2base).
Close this application before trying again.
Try again?

I’m honestly starting to lose it.
I’m new at this…3rd day on linux.

P.S. I’m runing an HP Compaq nx9420 laptop.

glxinfo | grep Open:

OpenGL vendor string: DRI R300 Project
OpenGL renderer string: Mesa DRI R300 20060815 x86/MMX/SSE2 TCL
OpenGL version string: 1.3 Mesa 7.2
OpenGL extensions:

Configure the updater applet in the systray not to start at boot (right click configure)

Now open a su terminal and do

zypper ref


zypper up

no luck :S

Download failed:
Download (curl) error for ‘http://download.opensuse.org/update/11.1/rpm/i586/libattr-2.4.39_2.4.43-67.5_2.1.1.i586.delta.rpm’:
Error code: Connection failed
Error message: Couldn’t resolve host ‘ftp.roedu.net

…im sure there’s something im missing

Weird, I can reach the ftp address and browse it, find the file.

Try opening a terminal window and do:

su -c yast
Enter rootpassword and you will be able to start the online update from here. See if this works.

omg this is ridiculous…

check this out


I suggest you remove all the repo’s and add in mirrors close to your location:
openSUSE Download Mirrors - Overview