Update Applett Annoyance

I cannot sucessfully work on my computer when my computer is updating ( i have alto of updates that are uninstalled) because of the messages that pop up on screen. I do not know how to disable this feature… I need help

I cannot just live through this because it has been at for over an hour.

have u tried to disable in yast? that is were it was setup to start with.

is there any other way that i can update my system?.. I would love some other so i can install the lot i must install now.

I am trying to wait it out, it has been at it for 4 hours

I CAN stop the automatic updates, but then my system won’t get updated… HELP!!!

The Online Update feature in Yast Control Center does the same thing the updater applet does. Except you can tell what it’s downloading and how much more time it will take.


The updates appear in the summary box. The packages that each update will affect are in the top right box. It’s like installing any other package. You have full control over what you’re updating.


I don’t have any updates at the moment, but you get the central idea.

Hope this helps!

Right-click the applet in systray, choose Configure, uncheck ‘Start update-applet on login’, OK, exit update-applet, done.

Thanks, but when I open up my online update, it dosent show anything. It shows that i have many installed but none in the avalable tab.

It just resarted the applet problem so i disabled automatic install

It just resarted the applet problem so i disabled automatic install
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Good idea. Use yast online update or zypper. For the latter, try

zypper ref
zypper up -t package

See how that goes.

Hi, again.

Luckily I have some updating to do. When you run the Online Update tool from Yast THIS is what it will look like when updates are available.


As you can see, my update applet shows I have updates, but instead of clicking on it, I’m updating through Yast’s Online Update.

After everything is set to install you just click accept and then it will download and install the patches for you.