update and package installation frozen in RC1


I upgraded from 11.1 beta 5 to RC1 and it was working quite well after a while. Then I realized that the USB drive or the DVD drive is not working. Also the package update or install was frozen all the time. I reinstalled few times (fresh install) and play around. Here is what I found about recreating the issue I have:

The Yast package update and USB is working fine in a fresh installation. Once I try to install a new package and not having the installation DVD placed in the drive in advance of the install. Then the installation process instead of asking for you to insert the DVD, it freeze. After the frozen installation, if you put the USB or DVD to the machine, the new device notification still show a pop up window correctly. However, you can’t access the USB or the DVD disk.

Is there any one experience the same thing. Is it a bug or just something else I didn’t configure correctly.

I was using SUSE 11.1 RC1 64bit version with AMD 9550 processor and ASUSE M3A78-HDMI mother board