update 2021-477: after installing update, passwords not accepted

Dear community,

I have a problem with installing update 2021-477 for Leap 15.2 (update for filesystem and systemd): after installing this update, neither my own password nor that of root is accepted at the next login. Did anybody else have this problem - and what could I do?
I could login after a rollback to a snapshot before installation of the update - but whenever I install the update, the problem occurs again.

Many thanks for your help!
openSuse 15.2
KDE-Plasma 5.18.6
KDE-Frameworks 5.71.0
Qt 5.12.7
Kernel Version 5.3.18-lp152.69-default
65 bit
4xIntel Core i5-2500k CPU @ 3.30 GHz

I’m not sure whether I have seen that update. I’m not having the problems that you describe.

If you use Yast Online Update, you can unselect that patch and update everything else.

Are you using “pam_kwallet”? In the past it has caused similar problems (and I stopped using it).