Update 2 11.2 installs with dial-up?

I have a Pentium3 & P4 with fresh 11.2 installs. Can I capture the update files from one to be used on the other? These boxes aren’t connected together, but each has an unused LAN card if that would help.
Each box has a 56K modem that runs about 40K!
I haven’t started the update process yet, so I don’t know if there any new options to the SW Management tools in 11.2.
Is this a pipe dream? Heboland.

In the case of KDE, the update for 11.2 is MASSIVE.

Any chance of you going to an Internet Cafe or to a friend’s house, and downlaod simply rip the entire official UPDATE directory on to a couple of DVDs (or to an 8GB USB device) and then bring that back to your PC ?

Thank you oldcpu!
My interest is to get the security updates.
Could you estimate the size of security updates to firefox and the kernel for each kde and gnome?
The cafe isn’t an easy get!
Tho I like kde, I have gnome on my DVD. At this stage, it’s not hard to start these installs over using gnome.
Reading between the lines the yast software manager must not have an option to both update and locally save the same updates.

One thing is for sure, there is no other linux distro which will give you less download volume when running updates only from official repo.

(Hint: delta-rpms)

No I do not know enough to make any such estimate. I still go by my previous post.

A little OT:

Delta-.rpms still amaze me; their ratio of compression is stunning. It really lowers traffic quite a big deal, and I wonder why other repositories or distros do not use this (not that I’ve heard of at least).

@topic: I support oldcpus hints. Updating via a dial-up-modem would take days and probably would result in inconsistencies too, since the update-repository would be newly updated before the running update is even finished.

Thanks to all the responders! Delta-rpms are something new to me. In another lifetime I remeber how small the database was for a revision control system that only stored the changes (deltas).

Maybe there is a similarity between the two.

No one drew much contrast between the security update volume between kde and gnome, so I think I’ll stick with kde.

Does anyone sell DVDs of the repros? I expect they would have to be a snapshot similar to what I would get from the corner cafe.

Probably I’ll let the SW Manager sync up with a couple of repros and see what a security update looks like. I’ll have to settle for updating only one computer. Heboland

I’m a BIG KDE fan, but IMHO the openSUSE Gnome is nice. My complaints with Gnome are mostly its pulse audio sound implementation (while in KDE pulse is disabled). I have other things I dislike about Gnome (its 2 click implementation and its GTK YaST which has less features than the QT YaST) but those are all fixeable. However sound is a major issue for me. Still if ease in setting up sound is not a big factor in your considerations, then IMHO Gnome is an excellent idea.

I believe the update download associated with Gnome, while still MASSIVE is not as big as the even MORE massive update download associated with KDE.

Thanks oldcpu!
My interest in updating is mostly for security. I don’t have a good feel for how much the desktop is involved with security. With 11.1, I updated the kernel and firefox. Kde 4.3 is adequate for my purposes.
What would be nice for me would be a service pack CD or DVD. I don’t expect to find any such product, however because of the linux variety.
Short of such a care package, I can take things from here! Heboland