Update 11.0->11.1: yast has an error

Start YaST2 software installation
I choose
Filter: Schemata
KDE 3 Basissystem installieren
now I got an error message:

pattern:kde3_basis-11.1-71.1.i586 benötigt pattern: basesystem, was aber nicht angeboten werden kann

Nicht installierbare Anbieter: pattern:base-11.1-71.1.i586[openSUSE 11.1-0]
pattern: base-11.1-71.1.i586[repo-oss]

  • Deinstallation von suse-build-key-1.0-855.1.noarch
  • pattern:kd3_basis-11.1-71.1.i586 nicht installieren
  • Einige Abhängigkeiten von kde3_basis ignorieren

What should I do?
TIA, Ron.

Hi Ron,

As I’ve read -don’t hold me to it- you can run into problems when upgrading from 11.0 to 11.1 due to sat solver issues. As far as I know the devs are still looking at this…

Best thing to do is a clean install…

If you have a separate /home partition it should go quite swiftly. Is that an option?


edit: this post might help : http://forums.opensuse.org/install-boot-login/402141-upgrading-11-0-11-1-big-failure-me.html
elsewhere’s post (#5) mentions a good technique : Before the upgrade, remove all the 11.0 repositories.

Thanks for answer. Do any further informations exist about this issue?

Ehemmmm, I hoped to avoid this because it took me a lot of time to install/configure all my hardware properly.