unzip in root

I need to get the boa constructor python ide to work in opensuse 11.1. All i need do is unzip the file boa-constructor-0.6.1.src.zip into the python folder.
However i dont know how to get nautilus to open as root which i need as i keep getting the permission denied.

Sometimes the simplist of things…

if you are trying to unzip through a terminal

type command


type your password than to do what ever you want with full permissions as root

Thats the thing, i dont know the unzip commands from terminal and i cant change the permissions of the python folder. Just to help the file to unzip is on the desktop and the file it must be extracted to usr/lib/python2.6


i’m trying to help you but dont mind if i cant clear your problem …

but i can guide you through a correct path

in openSUSE 11.1 you would probably have an application to unzip the zipped files…

if you right click the file you would see

it would read your file and show you the data of the zipped file

later you can extract from that application into a specified folder

hope this would help you

have a nice time

Here’s a way unzip it to anywhere in your /home

Then open a console type su then root pass then
**cp -r /pathToUnziped /PathTopython


i actually know only how to get the root permissions

from your post i learned a new thing

but does it actually extracts the .src.zip files?

To unzip use tar -xzf zipFileName
use su then cp zipFileName /PathToPython (moves file)
then cd /PathToPython (change to dir)
then tar -xzf zipFileName (unzips file)

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