Unwanted Network Management on Wireless Interface

My demo system consists of a laptop running as a PBX running Asterisk as the s/w PBX. The laptop has a USB wireless dongle which will be the AP (Access Point) for the various devices running as SIP phones.

I had the system running fine with hostapd 0.6.6 running and Asterisk accepting SIP phone calls through the AP it created. I used DHCP server to allocate an IP address to the SIP device.

Lately it’s stopped functioning because the AP s/w (hostapd) has been receiving network management requests from the SuSE 11.0 system or it’s NOT receiving them. I’m unsure how this should be setup thus the confusion here.

I had the system configured to statically allocate an IP address to the AP interface (dhcp would not run using the interface unless it had an IP address) and then obviously it would wait on the DHCPDISCOVER messages as the AP was discovered and accessed.

I guess my question is, how do I configure the i/f used by the AP so that the network management system ignores it OR, should I allow the network management system to configure it knowing that when hostapd runs, it will configure it properly and the network management will no longer monitor it.