Unstable KDE/Plasma

I’ve been suffering from unstable KDE/Plasma for quite some time. I thought this was related to Intel gfx but apparently this is something else since now I have Nvidia gfx card with Nvidia drivers. Symptons are following:

  • After reboot everything works fine for hours to couple of days (I’m using single monitor, 3 virtual screens, nothing fancy/special)
  • First problems are that task bar notification do not show up anymore on the screen - they open up under the screen and I haven’t found a way to reset/change this (forcing notifications to top right corner don’t help)
  • Then grouped applications (like Firefox - 3 windows opened for it) on the task bar no longer open up when clicking on it. I can still change to any virtual screen and select Firefox for example with alt+tab combination
  • After a while virtual screen selecting does not work
  • Same time or a bit earlier update of widgets sees to function (e.g. network monitoring freezes)

Oftentimes it also happens that Plasma freezes completely (after being in use couple of days or more). Can be related to Firefox but I’m not sure. But when this happens HW reset is the only way out (keyboard is no longer listened i.e. crtl+alt+del does not work, num lock or caps lock does not work).

This issue I have had for quite some time (more than a year, maybe two). With Enlightenment I didn’t have such issues (hence the blame towards Plasma) but that lacks features I need.

Any idea what could be the problem?

The problem is what you chose to use.
Unstable is Unstable

Sure. Unstable is a choice. But is the situation same with all regarding Plasma? I kinda doubt that but maybe I’m wrong…

Hi Paju,

Is “Mesa-dri-nouveau” package installed? if it is, then uninstall, and test.

I have been using Tumbleweed/KDE/Plasma with nvidia card for three years, extremely stable… But the above package/module is particularly bad for the kde/qt environment, as is explained in the warning
prior to installing (Also, testing shows this to be true, and similar conditions to yours, will occur).



Worth trying, yes. Be aware that without it, CPU utilisation will increase, possibly quite significantly, as openGL rendering will then be by software emulation.

I have been using Tumbleweed/KDE/Plasma with nvidia card for three years, extremely stable… But the above package/module is particularly bad for the kde/qt environment, as is explained in the warning

Whether Mesa-dri-nouveau is “bad” is very dependant upon the video card. I’ve been using it since mid 2015 with an 8600GTS (NV84 series) card and don’t have issues.

Using TW + nvidia 387.12 here, no problems, up for weeks w/KDE on console, and a vnc Cinnamon session remotely. Check your hardware / memory / cpu oc for instability?

Tumbleweed does not do anything.
This is written

These repositories contain daily builds of KDE Frameworks 5, Plasma 5 and KF5-based applications from trunk. Due to the requirements/dependencies, we can only provide packages for the latest openSUSE release and Tumbleweed.
Given the rapid pace of development, use of these repositories is not recommended on production systems. They are mostly meant for developers or early testers - use at your own risk.
Warning Please do not report bugs against packages. However, please file bugs upstream with KDE if you find bugs in the software. Also, take into account that not all the KF5 applications are ready to receive bug reports. Always enquire with upstream KDE first if you use any of these repositories and want to submit a bug report to KDE.

Warning In order to prevent issues due to dependencies, all four repositories must be added at the same time.


Unstable = unstable. Your choice. You’re running TW which is openQA tested and, re. KDE, less than 24 hours behind upstream. Latest and greatest. Things in Unstable will break, because they should. The only people you should talk to about your issues are the KDE devs. My 2 cents.

I have a feeling the word ‘unstable’ used in this context is just the version released in the current Tumbleweed snapshot as opposed to adding ‘Unstable KDE/Plasma’ repositories, can you please clarify?

Sorry for not being clear. I’m not using unstable repositories but KDE/Plasma itself is in my usage unstable; crashes, freezes, behaves incorrectly after a while.

And thx for the tip: Mesa-dri-nouveau was installed. Uninstalled it - hopefully it’ll improve the situation. Probably need to reboot or restart KDE to see any differences. I don’t need OpenGL much/at all (probably need to start using mvp more in video playing).

Then you made me the Halloween joke

I thought you used Plasma / Unstable from Repo

You’re not the only one …:stuck_out_tongue:

:slight_smile: Wasn’t my intention to make a joke but to find a solution for the problem.

So, anyone else having similar issues or am I alone with the problem?

No, I doubt you’re alone, but you seem to have more than your fair share of problems.

On the whole I’ve found Plasma 5 to be reasonable stable for my own use case, on 2 different machines, both have nvidia cards (one machine with the OSS nouveau driver, the other with nvidia’s proprietary driver). I’m not seeing the problems you describe, but don’t doubt you have them.

I would suggest as a starting point perhaps look at https://bugs.kde.org/ to see if any of your symptoms are known bugs (with possible workarounds even). Taking your example of the task bar notifications, there are bugs relating to wrong positioning, freezing of the desktop, etc.

Create a new (test) user profile, does that also have the problems you describe?

If you’re able to reliable replicate any of the problems you have, consider reporting bugs yourself.

If you consider KDE to be too unstable for your needs, then as you alluded to, there are other desktop environments.