Unsearchable Suse Forums

Maybe this belongs in the soapbox forum, but I have a gripe with the Opensuse forums regarding outside search capability.

When you search google with a SUSE question, often many of the links point to threads on the OpenSUSE forum (which is good). The problem is that if you are not logged in when you click on these links, you are taken to a general “guest” view and not to the individual thread.

While this is not as much of an issue for members of the Suse community who remain logged in most of the time, I believe it gives “outsiders” the perception that the OpenSUSE forums are an unfriendly place where you have to become a member in order to receive any help. People just making the switch to linux and are in the process of choosing a distro will be turned away by such policies. I love SUSE and think it’s the best distro and has an excellent help community, but why not share the answers with the rest of the linux community?

Tell me how to achieve this behaviour. I am logged out as soon as I close the window of a thread. When I then look at the next thread in my RSS reader and think it worth seeing the whole of it, I can login again. Some days I log in 30 - 40 times >:(

And I second your idea.

I said, Isecond your idea, but I can not reproduce your problem.

I typed “opensuse wusb54” in google and the first link is one in the forum

linksys WUSB54G - openSUSE Forums

Clicking on it brought me to the correct web page.

ASnd I was not logged in at that moment.

Amen. rotfl! I could retire early if I had a quarter for every time I’ve hit a bookmarked link to a thread, and then had to login and go find the bookmark again.