Unreal Tournament (original) run natively on openSUSE 11.2 KDE

Hey all,

I’ve read about Unreal Tournament being able to be installed in Linux, and I’ve found the binaries, but I’m having trouble finding out how to actually “install” the CD on linux in the first place.

Thanks for the help.

I just run the files from this page with the cd in the drive.

loki installers for linux gamers

Ok, I’m running open suse 11.0, and I’ve downloaded the .bin file for the unreal tournament 3 dedicated server. I click on it and it gives me an error message no file associated. I click on open with and choose yast. However, nothing happens. It just goes back to the desktop screen. Anyone know why this would happen? Yast works for installing packages through the control panel?? Any help appreciated. Thanks.

You wouldn’t use YaST to install a .bin file, I don’t believe. As I haven’t used openSUSE for a bit on my desktop (various errors), I haven’t tried yet. If I have any luck, I’ll let you know.

That won’t work. This is not a package for some distro, it’s an installer program. I’ve had UT installed, IIRC it works like this:
Open a terminal window and do:


Enter rootpassword when asked for. This would install UT systemwide (i.e. for all users). IIRC there’s instructions for linux install on UT’s site or forums. If this does not work, you might ask there.

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