Unofficial RC2.1

Posted on openSUSE-Testing mailing list by Bernhard Wiedermann:

Hi testers,

since there have been a number of post-RC2 changes, and I would hate
to see that go out untested, I updated the repo at

so that you can just “zypper up” to it from RC2.
Older RCs would need a more careful zypper dup.

DVD isos should now Just Work ™ from USB :-(except checksumming)
No fresh Live isos yet.

This is sort of an inofficial RC2.1

changes for 11.4

firefox4-b12 is big there.

Overall, there should not be new breakages.

Bernhard M.

To do this, add the new oss repo (and disable to regular oss repo) and do a
‘zypper up’. I got 108 packages replaced.


Thanks for the info lwfinger, I’ll test that tonight. :slight_smile:

no problems after updating here

Updated without problems. The download/retrievals seemed slow until I remembered the location of the repository (Index of /opensuse/distribution/11.4/repo/oss).:wink:

Upon re-boot, I noticed two significant changes: the annoying GDM warning of “failure to locate org.Gnome.DisplayManager” was conspicuously absent :), but the “Connecting …ms” countdown message ran noticeably long (~11-16 ms). Subsequent checks against an 11.3 presented 2-4 ms.

After the background of the login screen was presented, a noticeable delay (~8-14 seconds) prior to presentation of the login entry occurred (longer than pre-RC2.1 update delay of < 2 seconds). On the other hand, the prior annoying delay after entry of user/password has evaporated. The above sequence(s) ( boot, Connecting …, login) were consistently repeated 10 times. I will time the “Connecting … ms” at several alternate times to consider any network load(s) on my routers.

A quick exercise of the usual tasks shows all running well.