unnecessary locale messages

Is there an easy and possibly an automatic way to remove all unnecessary locale translated messages from /usr/share/locale
other than the one I use? When package with languages is installed for some apps, they install all locale messages that exist for that app and I really don’t need portugese brazilian, chinese traditional and so on (no offense)
Something like, if I may say, :wink: localepurge on Debian systems.

if you had that, how much space would it save you, about? maybe .1 to
…3 gig??

it is a script, you could wicker it to run on openSUSE…[one of the
great things about FREE software is you are FREE to wicker at will]

but, i’d not use my time to save so little disk space…anyone can
save much more just by deleting unused (but default installed)
games, wallpapers, themes, wav files, icons, docs, etc, etc, etc, etc…



I always uninstall all unnecesary apps, walls, icon themes… I like to have just what I want and need… and localepurge does the trick on debian systems because after every package install he deletes locales that’s not needed.
The question is not about 100-200 megs… it’s about principles. :wink:

So the answer is…?
there is no such thing on openSuSE… right? :\

Yes so you will have to do it manually


> So the answer is…?
> there is no such thing on openSuSE… right? :\

nothing that i know of…like i said, it is a script written
(apparently) by a Debian user for use on Debian systems…

i have NO idea what might happen if you run it on a openSUSE
system…but, you could do a full system backup and try it out…may
it works here too…

or, as already mentioned you are free to rewrite the script for your
own use, or you could also release it to the openSUSE community…

if you are not a programmer you could probably find who would take the
project on for hire…

or, maybe a programmer conversant in the layout of both Debian and
openSUSE reads this thread, gets all excited about the idea of
principal, and will write it for you, for free…

good luck…on the other hand, maybe it already exists…is just
called something else…


BleachBit is a GUI (one day a CLI) app to clean WAY more locales than localepurge on most distro’s. There are RPMs for openSUSE. Just be sure to run as root/sudo, of course.