Unmount hard drive

I want to unmount a hard drive permanently, and replace it with a newer one. Do I just unmount it in yast partitioner, turn of the machine and take out the old disk, or do I have to edit the fstab file?

Dag R

You need to edit fstab so that system won’t attempt to mount non-existent device on boot. You do not need to unmount it before reboot.

it is best to comment it out in fstab and use it as the guide for the new drive (the uuid will be different - use blkid to see the uuid)

I succesfully commented out the disk i fstab and turned off the machine and removed the drive. I want to have a label on the disk, isn’t easier to format, label and mount the new disk in partitioner (Yast)?

Dag R

Sure! Why not. That’s what I have done with all my disks if not during install. You can also use gparted or similar tools but I like to use the “original” tools if they do what I want.
IIRC you could also have done the removing part in YaST partitioner. But in that case just commenting out the line in fstab seems easier, though.