Unlock PGP keyring etc. after zypper dup to 15.1

Hi all,

after upgrading from 15.0 to 15.1 directly after login into Plasma I’m now getting two additional dialogues:

  • one asking for unlocking my GnuPGP keys.
  • second asking fur unlocking my gnome keyring. Little bit later.

Haven’t had these dialogues in 15.0.

Not a big issue, of course. But any hints to get rid of this? Known issue?

Best Regards,

That’s not happening here, so it is hard to guess the issue.

I am, at times, prompted to open GnuPG keys. That’s because “kdewallet” is using GPG encryption. This usually happens when I start an application that needs “kdewallet” access. In my case, that is usually “konqueror”. But “chromium” or “vivaldi” or “falkon” possibly do the same.

So maybe you have an application that needs “kdewallet” that is part of the KDE automatic startup. I think the default is to remember what was running on shutdown or logout, and to automatically start those applications on login.

There’s an alternative. You can configure KDE to save your session and to use that saved session on login. That’s what I do. So I have a few programs like “Amarok” automatically startup. But most applications, I start only when I need them.

I’m guessing that it is the same for the Gnome keyring. You probably have some program starting automatically, that requires access to the Gnome keyring.