Unknown kernel installed after deleting v49 - KDE - opensuse leap 15.4

I made several attempts to delete the bad kernel vxxxxx49. I now have an unknown kernel that boots as my default kernel and errors - won’t finish. At the grub menu, I use ‘advanced options’ then boot from the vxxxxxxxx46.1

yast - software - kernel - Versions tab shows installed v46.1 and v41

The newer kernel hasn’t come out yet. I can’t find this kernel to uninstall it. I need instructions how to find and uninstall it.

Yast - software - search: kernel → tab versions. v41 and

Lots of persons have faced problems with kernel---- 49.x. If 46.1 is working fine requiring booting from advanced options, just stick with it till the next kernel is released. I had worse problem - no internet - on deleting retracted kernel ----49.x.


Kernel 55.3 has been released.

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It’s called ‘kvmsmall’, for use as a kernel for Virtual OS.

Installing the new kernel didn’t override it. It stayed at top position. I again had to use ‘Advanced Options’ to book from the new(55) kernel. I booted and went to yast → software. I uninstalled kvmsmall kernel. I have to reboot and check to see It’s off the linux boot menu.

Thanks to all.