Unknown display / Low resolution / Nvidia Drivers

Hello people, I’ve recently installed openSUSE 13.2 (GNOME) and I’m with a low resolution 1024/768 with no way to change it from the preferences (options are 1024/768 and 800/600). I’ve tried to get the latest nvidia drivers from Yast software manager but I have a lot of checksum errors. Going to Nvidia’s page make me hit a brickwall too, because, I got the correct file to install (GTX 750 Ti) but running the installer asked me to get into text mode but telinit 3 just gives me a BLACK screen and I cant do anything except hard reboot! Modyfing resolutions with gedit in xor.conf just freezes my pc and I have to hard reboot too!. Googling the problem got me nowhere, and I’ve been trying to fix this for a few hours I’m just really tired : (((. Any help would be REALLY appreciated. On a unrelated note, browsing seems to drag like hell even though my DL speed hasn’t changed to what I had in windows.

Ok today the NVIDA repos appear to be messed up. Note that NVIDA controls these repos. Maybe check tomorrow???:’( Maybe ask NVIDA when it will be fixed???

So first off is this a optimus based notebook?? If so you have to follow different instruction and you must uninstall anything you actually did install. If you don’t know find out. We can point you to instructions

If not optimus then you could install the hard way by downloading the run file from NVIDIA but you also need the kernel source or development and gcc to be installed so that the driver can be compiled to the kernel. Note doing it this way means you must repeat the process any time the kernel changes.

I’ll see about waiting a bit more/building the kernel. But what about trying to modify xorg.conf or going into level 3, why does it hangs/Black screen?

You need the NVIDIA driver the nouveau driver has a problem with some cards but to fully help we need to know exactly what hardware ie is this a Optimus based notebook?? (Intel+NVIDIA GPUs) If so you must use bumblebee. But if this is not Optimus you don’t want bumblebee so you have to say what you have.

Sorry we did not make it complicated Intel and NVIDIA did

You first have to have a proper driver before you even consider changing the resolution. One step at a time please