Unknown display driver...


I checked out my system, via sysinfo, and I noticed than I’m using an unknown display driver:

OpenSUSE :: Is this cause for concern? picture by JacobCollstrup - Photobucket

I’m wondering if that is cause for concern…


Nothing to worry about.
I get the same.

No concern. The sysinfo is not always able to deduce the driver in use.

One way to be clear on the graphic driver in use, is to open up /var/log/Xorg.0.log with a text editor. Then look for occurences of:
==] NVIDIA or
which would indicate proprietary nVidia driver
==] NV or
++] NV
which would indicate open source nVidia driver
or other …

As far as I could make out from that log file I’m using the opensource nVidia driver. The openGL screensavers lag, though…