Universal RPMs?

Do packages from OpenSuse work on Suse? I tried the evaluation version of Suse SLE-11 but it lacks anything that might get my Broadcom wireless card to card. The OpenSuse package broadcom-sta-kmp-desktop gets it going on OpenSuse. When I tried to use ot on SLE-11, it didn’t technically decline…just stated it was missing…something. Would it eventually work?

Nope, won’t work. SLE and openSUSE don’t have the same kernel. The package from Packman is for the openSUSE kernel only. You could download the sources from Packman, install the sources and kernel development packages for SLE and compile the driver yourself.
Then again, you would be better of on this matter in the SLES/SLED forums, link is on the homepage of the forums.

You need to rebuild the src rpm against your running kernel that’s
all. It will then provide the correct kmp rpm for you.

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Ohh. Thanx. That expains why SLE-11 has Kmuddy but not OpenSuse.