Unity - the test

I did not mean that as you mean it. You mean: “Ubuntu users are stupid”. Right?

You mean I meant that you meant it differently than I mean?

Sorry, I am dizzy now.

I don’t think this was the main chore.
Essentially, the design of Unity supposed to be intuitive and it failed so far to be exactly that.
So a test i think, is a good thing, since the developer can learn from mistakes. And there is, apparently, a difference in what is usable from a perspective from a developers standpoint and user standpoint.
It is not fair to say, just in general, that users are challenged. In that regard 90% of users (me included) are clueless. It just says, from the report, that the goal was not met so far.
This could have been done to any DE and the outcome would be surprising perhaps.
And of course, it is in development and new and so it will have its problems. If it succeeds, you may see Unity also on OpenSuse.
The only problem i see, is how the direction is to be forced. And that may be a problem for Ubuntu in general. Will it be ready of use with the next release or not.

Unity is still new so I am expecting a lot of issues for a lot of people, I left ubuntu because of it myself though i might try it out again after about a year or so for it to develop.

so I have tested Unity now for some hours in a virtualbox. For me personally it has the same issue like Gnome 3 has. I do not find applications easily enough.

You always have to use this desktop search to find an application. This drives me (personally me) crazy because I am used to know where to find my applications in a menu or whatever. To be forced to use a search engine all the time makes me feel dumb and in some way like that I am not the boss of my system anymore.
Result: I get the feeling, that this Desktop Environment forces me to be or to become stupid so that it then “can help me out of my stupidity”. I mean… give me a break…

One solution for this would be to put all applications I might use as a starter into the panel (same goes for Gnome 3) but this is a workaround just to be able to work with this DE in a way so that it does not get into my way while I do my work… But isn´t the point of a good DE, that it supports the user in getting his or her work done and not to get in the way of the user while he is doing something?

One good point of Unity over Gnome 3 though is, that it can be customized to a much higher degree than Gnome 3. But it is far away from the old Gnome 2 which superior by far, in my eyes. And it is even farther away from KDE which beats them all :smiley:

I will test it some more days but I think I will not get used to it - the same as with Gnome 3.

Glad you like it, I could use some help to finish implement it… I’m tired of playing with nitroglycerin like software (compiz, nux, etc).

I wouldn’t say it failed, I just do not think it is as smooth as it needs to be. It’s whole design is supposed to be about ease of use but it just isn’t there yet. I honestly think gnome 3 for the most part is slightly easier to use and appeals a bit more to power users as well.

Will that change? I will say yes. I think Unity will change a great deal over the next year. First impressions are a killer though.

I have tested it for some time and would like to share my observings (if anyone is interested):

first of all, I have to say, that Ubuntu 11.04 is really really slow. I know, it is virtualbox, but also compared to other systems I had in Virtualbox, Ubuntu 11.04 is very slow. It also takes a lot of system power. I gave it 2 Gb of Ram and dedicated one core of my processor to it. It uses them all. So 1 Gb Ram are nearly always used and it easily fills up all 2 Gb. Also the processor, I mean it is an 2,70 Ghz core, is running fully loaded, most of the time.

Booting the system takes ages. Compared to Ubuntu 10.04 and Scientific Linux, which I also had in virtualbox, I gues that it takes 3 times longer to boot. This is embarassing.

Regarding Unity itself, I feel that there is something not really thought about. For example, when you click on the button with the Ubuntu sign on it (see screenshot) in the left upper corner, a menu opens with some apps in it. Firefox, Banshee… But: why do they have this menu? Maybe someone needs it, I do not understand for what this is…
The same goes for the button “folder and files”. Because there is an extra launcher for Nautilus…

Unity also features this main panel, which also includes “file, edit…” and so on in the applications, but not in Libre Office. These options only appear when you go over the panel with the mouse. I don´t know if I could change this in settings, but this is annoying.

Optics wise I feel that I like it somehow and it is also stable. I had no crash until now.