Uninstalling Kate uninstalls KWrite

I want to uninstall Kate and keep KWrite, but they seem to have been conjoined to one another.
I’ve found an article on the matter: Kate ate KWrite - Kate
It states the following:

"If you want all the fancy stuff, install Kate, if you have just basic editing needs, install KWrite.

Or if you need both, install both of them.

They neither depend on each other as package nor do they clash, just like before."

This implies that Kate can be removed without affecting KWrite, but this isn’t the case with Zypper.

This is it:

rpm -q --whatrequires kate-plugins
linux64:/home/stephan # rpm -q --requires kate-plugins | grep kate
linux64:/home/stephan # rpm -ql kate | grep libkate

So if you unistall kate, libkateprivate.so will also be uninstalled, so the requires for kate-plugins will not be available anymore, kate-plugins will be unistalled and kwrite needs kate-plugins as requires and will also be uninstalled…

I suspect that, the implication is:

  • If you have both Kate and KWrite installed then, if you remove Kate then, KWrite will also be removed.
  • But, if previously Kate wasn’t installed then, you can install KWrite alone with the dependency that, the “kate-plugins” package «which is also required by KWrite» will also be installed – even though, Kate as such will not be installed …

kate-plugins requires libkateprivate.so, which is an component of kate…
kwrite needs kate-plugins…

You can unistall kwrite without problems, but if you uninstall kate, kate-plugins and kwrite will also be uninstalled because of missing “requires” to kate.

It’s already reported long time ago:

You can copy libkateprivate.so to another folder, remove kate, “break” kate-plugins and kwrite then move libkateprivate back to /usr/lib64. You need to “break” them again after every time kwrite update and you may have to create a link to libkate… if it needs an update.
It’s a bit of a fuss but I don’t like kate and it takes over the default slot that would normally be kwrite.

…a perfect recipe for a desaster :roll_eyes:

It’s unfortunate it hasn’t moved anywhere since last year, but at least it’s there.

from hui "…a perfect recipe for a desaster :roll_eyes: "

Not really! The worst that can happen is that kwrite will stop working and you can reinstall kate. But it’s worked for me since the kate change was made.

Why deleting kate???

Change only the files open with kate to open with kwrite…

If I am not going to use Kate anyway, why keep it on my computer?
Why use KWrite, if it installs Kate anyway?
It’s just unfortunate that the install cannot be unbloated, especially considering KWrite is designed to be more lightweight and simple compared to Kate. When I use Kate I feel like I’m using an entire IDE to achieve simple text edits. When I don’t have a use for Kate, why keep it on my computer?

That do not help you.

You know what is going on, copy the lib or switch the files to kwrite or break the requires by only deinstallation of kate.

It’s on you

Just use vi/vim from konsole.

And leave all those GUI editors where they are. They really do not occupy much disk.

And when you want to uninstall all you “have no use for” then see you later (much, much later).


Yes, yes, for system administration Vi/Vim are the order of the day but,

  • If you use an Integrated Development Environment such as KDevelop or Eclipse then, suddenly, the GUI Editors begin to make sense – especially if, you’re developing Object-Oriented software …

Apart from that, I don’t really have a Use Case for GUI editors –

  • Except for one issue which occasionally occurs –

I use Vim to write the markup “code” for Lilypond – with the Lilypond syntax highlighting enabled.

  • If I’m viewing the PDF of the generated sheet music in Okular and, I notice a mistake, then double clicking on the incorrect notation opens the markup text file in –
    Kate …

Then somewhere the link between the file type (by suffix) and the editor you want to use with, it is not set correctly, or a setting in Ocular maybe. In any case, I doubt that when for this case, you remove Kate, Ocular will produce anything else then an error because Kate is not to be found. Why should the mechanism (whatever it is) superficially change to calling KWrite?

Just use vi/vim from konsole.

Thanks, but I’m good lol
I was just looking if there was a way to remove Kate since it seemed redundant to keep two text editors at once.
But if it’s impossible to do without causing breakage, then I think I’ll pass on that.