Uninstalling dependency stuff from Yast or Zypper

Hi again.

Whenever I install packages/software, very often they pull more dependency packages needed for the package I’m installing. But it could be these dependecies are only for that one. So if I don’t want anymore that software I can uninstall it, but dependencies it pulled remain there.

Let’s say, for example, libgtkglext-32bit. Pulls several more packages. Is there a way to completely uninstall a package including the additional ones it pulled? Most of times additional pulled packages list is quite very long… Reason I want to know is I often feel uncomfortable with packages that are serving for nothing and could even make conflicts somewhere in the system at long term…


On 12/15/2011 06:36 PM, F style wrote:
> Is there a way to completely uninstall a package including the
> additional ones it pulled?

in yast software management, go Options and click to activate “Cleanup
when deleting packages”

then delete the package…

i think/guess/believe that it will then remove all dependencies which no
other application needs…or, maybe it will ask you if it is ok to
break a different application in order to remove something the currently
being deleted app also needs…

read closely and choose what you want to do (and, read the caveat in my
sig before beginning)

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This is not realy a solved issue. The problem is that an automatic system can not simply decide to remove all packages that are not wanted by another package. After all no package might need Firefox to be installed, but I guess you would be slightly hampered when FF is deinstalled during an automatic cleanup.
The same is true for any library you have and that is not needed by another package. After all you could be a programmer who has written programs (or you could therwise have installed/build software outside zypper/YaST) that need that library.

PS. YaST > Software > Software Management and then the Package groups view has an item Orphaned packages (almost at the end). This shows you the packages that are installed on your system, but where the repository it was installed from is not available (e.g. because you disabled it). This is thus not what you are looking after.

PPS. This has been asked for many times. Use the Forums search function and you will find more dicussions about this IIRC.