Uninstalling a program installed vis AppImage

I gave rights to the AppImage using chmod command and then opened it by clicking it on the icon. At that time it asked me whether I want to add the app to the system and make necessary changes in the app launcher. I acknowledged.

But now, I see two icons in my App launcher under the category “Lost & Found”.

And I am not able to remove any icon. Both the icons point to the same app.

Please help me how to remove the app from the launcher. And how to prevent this from happening again.

Note: The app is yet not available through the default software center and hence was installed using the AppImage.

You can find all applications icons in usr/share/applications

Take an look on this folder if there are replications there.

No sorry. I couldn’t find the icon here for the app that I installed using AppImage file. Icons for all other applications are there though.

Well, I was going through random folders in my home directory to find where this Program might have been installed, and I found this directory: ~/.local/share/applications/ in /home directory.

It had two .desktop files for the same program. I removed one of them and the issue got solved.

Now I no longer have two icons for the same program in KDE App launcher.