uninstalled texlive - but zypper dup wants to install it again

I removed all texlive-packages some days ago but now “zypper dup” wants to re-install it (> 2100 packages!!). I checked all dependencies => everything looks fine. No other package seems to depend on any texlive-package. I don’t understand, why zypper wants to install these texlive-packages again. Does zypper remember/remain some informations about package-groups /-patterns?
Can anyone help?
Kind regards

Check if you have installed> ImageMagick-extra
If you uninstall it and see that texlive disappears

No, ImageMagick-extra is not installed.

But I now discovered: The texlive-packages aren’t required but recommended. If I run “zypper dup” with “–no-recommends” option, zypper works like expected and doesn’t try to re-install these texlive-packages.
Is there any way to find out, why zypper* recommends* these packages? Should I try to delete some caches / history or else?

There is a set of “recommended packages” for an avarage openSUSE installation. Your packages seem to belong to those.

In YaST > Software > Software Managment there is a tab Options and it has a menu item to ignore recommended packages. Check it and see if it helps.

I do not know the zypper equivalent, but you can of course browse

man zypper

for it.

I did a try; just block it
-> texlive-gsftopk