uninstalled/deleted/removed repos - uninstall/delete apps that came with them?

If I managed to uninstall or delete the repo using yast - lets say the firefof alpha repo for example - what would be the command to delete all apss associated with that repo or is there one?

and whats the command to unsinstall specfic apps?

You might find some of the packages in the repo you deleted are also in the main repos, just not the same version.
If you install an application and want to remove it and associated non-required apps. See this:

A) I dont have the gui version of yast after going to gnome 3 live cd I only have the command line version so I didnt see that and now that I deleted and removed said repositoiries is there a command from the terminal that I can say “Go throwgh all my packages check where it came from, repo wise, if that repo no longer exists - delete that package?”

I take it we got nothing?

SDB:Zypper usage 11.3 - openSUSE