I need a little help with Tumbleweed.
I don’t know how to uninstall programs.
I mean, I want to uninstall “games”. I remove games + pattern + all libraries I find (patterns-kde-kde_games, libkdegames-lang, libkf5kdegames6, patterns-games-games etc.) but when I write “zypper dup”, games was installed by default.
How can I get rid of “games” or another pattern?
Thank you.

Open Yast software management, search patterns and mark the appropriate pattern(s) to never install. You do this by right clicking .
You can also do

zypper al <appropriate pattern - name in full>

Thank you.
I don’t like to use yast too much. I think that it is one of the greatest tools I ever see in a linux distribution but I am don’t want to forget the command line.
Thank you for al (addlock) command. I am new in Suse and I have some problems with zypper (BTW another great tool).

I have lock games and kde_games.
But games still want to install…:frowning:
This is my command line:

"aaa:~ # zypper ll

| Name | Type | Repository

1 | games | package | (any)
2 | kde_games | package | (any)

aaa:~ # zypper dup
Warning: You are about to do a distribution upgrade with all enabled repositories. Make sure these repositories are compatible before you continue. See ‘man zypper’ for more information about this command.
Loading repository data…
Reading installed packages…
Computing distribution upgrade…

The following 4 applications are going to be installed:
KMahjongg KMines KReversi KSudoku

The following 20 NEW packages are going to be installed:
kdegames-carddecks-default kmahjongg kmahjongg-lang kmines kmines-lang kpat kpat-lang kreversi kreversi-lang ksudoku
ksudoku-lang libKF5KMahjongglib5 libkdegames libkdegames-lang libkf5kdegames6 libkmahjongg libkmahjongg-lang libpsl6
patterns-games-games patterns-kde-kde_games

The following 2 NEW patterns are going to be installed:
games kde_games "

Thank you.

Well, you locked the packages games and kde_games (which don’t exist), but not the patterns.

Run this instead to lock a pattern:

zypper al -t pattern *name_of_pattern(s)*

I.e. in your case:

zypper al -t pattern games kde_games

Or, as a pattern is actually a package with a name like patterns-openSUSE-name_of_pattern , you could also do something like this instead:

zypper al patterns-openSUSE-games patterns-openSUSE-kde_games

Thank you for the answer.
It is working with “zypper al -t pattern games”. I used “zypper al games”. And I locked a package not a pattern. My mistake.
Thank you all for helping a beginner in Opensuse.

I use

 # zypper dup --no-recommends

to dissuade various packages that I have removed from being reloaded.

Thank you.
The more I read I realize that zypper is a very powerful package manager.
Until a few days ago I thought that pacman is the best package manager but now I am starting to think that I was wrong.

You should not be surprised. You should get information from

man zypper


Right now I was reading this: