uninstall some kde3 apps

Looks like 11.1 has a mix of some kde3 and 4 apps. I want to get rid of kate and kwrite kde3 versions since I alreayd have the kde4 versions. Is this possible? I dont see them listed in yast, only the kde4 versions.

They are either there or they are not? Use search ‘kate’ ‘kwrite’

By all means try removing them. There may be dependency issues.

Well I found some of their files but not sure how to remove them. Their not in yast which would be the easiest and I cant find the rpms or the name of the rpms to do a rpm -e. any ideas on how these can be removed?

You can search in YaST > Software > Software Management by the ‘files that are provided’ (or somthing like that). Easy to find to which package an installed file belongs.

Before 2 weeks ago one guy asked EXACTLY the same question.
I’m answered it, please Search.