Uninstall OpenSUSE 11.1 with Multiboot

Hey guys, I have decided to uninstall OpenSUSE and just stay with Windows Vista alone…no dual boot. I want to get rid of OpenSUSE but I don’t know how. In the past I have tried to get rid of Linux off a dual boot machine and what I did was delete the linux partitions but the bootloader was still there(I think) and I couldn’t do anything. If anyone could tell me how to uninstall OpenSUSE successfully while in a Dual-boot please help.

Much thanks,

your windows cd should be able to fixmbr and fixboot
read the instructions before doing any commands.
you can delete linux partition.

by the way what is problem in having suse in your machine?

Same deal here. Reasons for leaving. For whatever reason boot time is +4 minutes. Vista is 30-40 secs.

That and the fact that after adding the nvidia repository, checking my card is supported (it is) it tells me that the files are not on the server. Not your fault I know but it seems it is not possible to setup my dual monitors effectivly without the nvidia drivers.

Tried manually from the terminal following instructions again and it tells me I cannot as I am running an “x server”.

And for the record I just deleted the opensuse partitions from within Vista which in my case where installed on a seperate h/d.

To remove grub, boot from the Vista install DVD. Select the advanced repair options, open the command prompt and type

bootrec.exe /fixmbr

I will come back to opensuse when I wind up with a spare laptop again I think

I have laptop that came with no Vista DVD, and made my restore DVDs. My reason is to recover HD space on my laptop for new Windows app.