Uninstall openSUSE 11.0

I’ve downloaded openSUSE 11.0 today and burned it to dvd and installed it. Now I have openSUSE 11.0 and Windows 2000. I feel I’m not ready for openSUSE and want to remove it. How do I remove (uninstall) openSUSE ???

Hi, sorry I can’t help you to uninstall OpenSUSE 11, but was curious as to why you feel your not ready for it ?.

Use a disk partitioning tool, Gparted for example, to get rid of the old Opensuse partition and merge it wit your windows partition. That still leaves Grub (the menu where you choose what OS to boot) on your system. Use this guide to replace your master boot record with the default windows one and all will be as it was.

Traps for the unwary:

Before you do anything. Boot to Suse and opena console and enter su to get rootly powers. then enter fdisk -l. That will show the partitions. One of them will have an asterisk. Check that the asterisk is on the windows bootloader partition. If it is you can proceed to remove Suse. If it’s not on windows but is on Suse, the windows bootloader will not repair until you put the asterisk back there.

Farewell, come back some day