Uninstall KDE

Hey everyone, So I am trying to streamline a desktop install into a more streamlined server-esk install. I have edited the inittab to change the runlevel at startup to 3. How do I now remove KDE completely? Also are there any other large programs I need to uninstall?


Hello partyk1d24,

Personally I would install a non graphical openSUSE installation instead of converting one or make one with SuseStudio.
This way you have “almost” only the programs you need.

But you can also select the Patterns view in YaST->Software->Software Management.
Select “KDE4 Base System” and remove all the installed packages you’ll see on your right.
Then select “KDE4 Desktop Environment” and do the same.

I recommend you check the list of programs that are getting removed.
And since I’ve never done such thing before I’m not sure if there are some settings you need to change.

Best of luck!:wink:

When you want a text only system (I guess that is what you want), you better install anew as a text only system. Then you have a clean start. It will be very difficult to find out what all can/must(?) be deinstalled to reach the same text only system. It is even not easy to simply deinstall KDE because when you installl the KDE Package Group there is a list of packages that are installed, but I wouldn’t know how to find that list. And those packages will draw in dependencies and you do not know which ones.

Correct! The result is a non functioning desktop environment. Best to use the “Taboo” feature for specific packages during the installation.

I’ve tried that route and the end result was a reinstall.