Uninstall applications and dependencies in Yast?

I know Microsoft gets criticized for it and wonder if Yast handles it better or not.

Uninstalling applications, does Yast (or Zypper) have the ability to also uninstall dependencies that will no longer be necessary once the application is removed? Is it a special flag/setting?

I was just removing something from another linux and selected a complete uninstall, but that only took the application and the configuration files out but not the dependencies.

No, it wont.

> but that only took the application and the
> configuration files out but not the dependencies.

my experience is the same…it seems that YaST can’t be sure that
only the program you have selected to delete uses the
dependencies…so, deleting them may cause other programs to break…

maybe not a good thing, but i would rather keep unneeded dependencies
than break stuff willie-nillie, after all disk drives are pretty
cheap, huh?

AND. if you are using openSUSE you are gonna format reinstall once a
year or so…so, how much junk are you gonna collect, huh?


Yes, it will, if 2 packages depend on eachother both ways. But that’s an exception.
Point is, why would you want that? Libs etc. are not in the way.

It has been my experience running any Linux distro (openSUSE included) that leaving dependencies installed does more good than trying to manually go through and deleting them.

If, for instance, you install another program that has similar dependencies, they won’t have to be re-downloaded. Or if you try and compile a program manually, having more libraries installed means less headaches and a smoother compile/install.

If you take a look at a lot of the dependencies installed, many are in the neighborhood of around 200KB-1MB (and a lot are even smaller than that). Yes, they can add up to be a big number, but if you are so hard-pressed for disk space its probably time to invest in a bigger hard drive. If you are unable to buy a bigger hard drive, there are also plenty of other areas that can be cleaned out to save hard drive space, such as temp directories and program caches.

If you merely want to remove the dependencies for the sake of keeping the system tidy, don’t bother. As I said before, leaving the libraries on the system does more good than having to manually go through and remove them.

So to answer your question, YaST can only remove program dependencies unless

  1. You wrote down what all of those dependencies were when you installed the program
  2. Manually mark all of them to be removed when you remove the program.
  3. Not have any conflicts with other programs installed.