Unetbootin unable to launch in OpenSUSE?

I’m trying to install Ubuntu Netbook Remix from a USB drive, downloaded the image and UNetbootin for Linux. Then turns out OpenSUSE doesn’t recognize UNetbootin, wants me to select a program to run it.

And solutions?

What is the file you unetbootin downloaded/installed? The suse version is here: Software.openSUSE.org
In the serach field, type unetbootin and choose your version of openSuse from the dropdown.
Unetbootin only works well on 32 bit versions though.
The other solution is to look at the ubuntuforum for their method of installing/writing the image to usb.

Says there Linux version, that’s about it. The file name is unetbootin-linux-356.
Just installed the one that you linked me, don’t see it anywhere…

Does typing ‘unetbootin’ (or possibly ‘kdesu unetbootin’ or ‘gnomesu unetbootin’) in a terminal have any effect?

kdeunetbootin works, but now it tells me “You must first mound the USB drive dev/sdb1 to a mount point. Most distributions will do this automatically after you remove and reinsert the USB drive.”
Removed ad reinserted it quite a few times, the same thing.

What desktop environment are you using?

If you’re using KDE4 (I don’t know if it’s universal within openSUSE), you have to open the drive in dolphin or konqueror before it’s actually mounted. You’ll still be able to see it as /dev/sda1 with fdisk -l but it needs to have a mount point like /media/disk before you can use it with unetbootin.

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Yeah, messed around with Dolphin and the USD drive, works now. Ubuntu still won’t install, though. But then that’s a Ubuntu problem now.