Undesired window maximize on move (KDE 4.4.4)

After installing SuSE 11.3 with KDE 4.4.4 “release 2”, if find the following
rather annoying behavior:

After dragging a window by its titlebar along the top edge of the screen
and releasing it, in invariably maximizes. Dragging the same window below
the edge and then moving it vertically up, it stays as is (and as desired).

Found no related settings in “system setup - window behavior”.

Any help?

Its under Settings->Window Behavior->Screen Edges for KDE 4.5 and uncheck the two checkboxes under Window Management. Not sure if its the same in KDE 4.4. If its not in 4.4 i’ll create a openSUSE virtual machine with KDE 4.4 and figure it out on there

Thanks, in the system settings window I find

Window Behavior -> Focu, TitlebarActions, WindowAction, Moving,Advanced

but no Screen Edges and seemingly no useful settings in the other tabs.

Ok just give me about 15 minutes to install a openSUSE 11.3 VM with KDE 4.4 and i’ll come back to you

OK I found it! On my 11.3 VM with KDE 4.4 Its under Settings->Desktop->Screen Edges. Then untick the box which says “Maximize windows by dragging them to the top of the screen”. you may be also interested in unticking “Tile windows by dragging them to the side of the screen”. Then click apply

Thanks, worked.

Sorry for not hunting through the settings myself - thought it’s a bug, didn’t think its a feature :wink:

Glad to hear it worked.

Ha ha ha ha! I also thought it was just a nuisance thing, one of those things that just happened once in a while.

Thanks ah7013! One more minor annoyance eliminated! I wish I had the time to just go through all the settings but there are just so many of them! And. I’d miss the opportunity to pass along a pat on the back!


I see how this behavior could be useful, but how incredibly non-intuitive as a default… to have windows magically behave differently because you happen to set them down on a part of the screen which isn’t visually differentiated in any way from the rest of the screen (i.e. not a separate panel or anything).

Thanks so much for the tips for how to disable, and even more so, to preserve my sanity by confirming that this isn’t caused by some bug or misconfiguration.

They Moved it Again: Now Menu -> DesktopSettings -> Workspace Behavior -> Screen-Edges

Untick both the boxes under “Window Management” to stop this nonsense.

One can always double-click a titlebar to maximize a window, so this is nothing but a pointless “look what I can do” (think “Stuart” on MadTV) “feature” by those who might work on bugs and optimizing code to take less CPU and RAM.