Understanding video system in 11.2

I just assembled a newish machine and installed 11.2 on it. I run dual screens and at present I have the nVidia driver installed and 1 monitor working. If I go into the nVidia utility and click configure on the second lcd, all looks like it would work, but I am unable to ‘save’ the configuration. It is looking for xorg.conf which as I understand is non-existant at this point. Before I go off on some wild nvidia/sax2/don’t do that you moron tangent, I’d like a bit of info on the theory of this new fangled setup. Thanks.


The configureless autodetection of hardware via HAL (which does not use a xorg.conf) is still quite new and yet does work for most scenarios. In some cases (like in yours) options will have to be set manually, though, and that obviously needs a xorg.conf - if one is set up, it will be followed during the boot-process.

I therefore recommend switching into runlevel 3 and set up a xorg.conf via

sax2 -r -m 0=nvidia

…and then retry the NVidia-settings.

I’m not sure how that will work with upcoming Xorg-versions or if setting up a .conf-file for GFX and the like will be supported at all. I hope so.

Thanks. That was the approach I was going to take but I wanted to confirm with someone else. All is well now. :slight_smile: