Under newly installed Leap 15.0, apps. go dead while Dropbox syncs

Yesterday I upgraded from Leap 42.3 to Leap 15.0 (running on a Dell Optiplex). One problem has emerged. Whenever Dropbox decides to sync, as it regularly does, my open applications – all those that I’ve tried, and in particular Kile and Thunderbird – go dead: I can still use the mouse to switch between workspaces, but, programs simply freeze until the sync is completed. Furthermore these should be rapidly completed syncs (I’m only editing and compiling a few .tex files) but they’re taking much longer than normal (many tens of seconds). Of course I can set “pause syncing”, but that’s an undesirable solution. Any tips? Thanks, John.

This is still happening as of 10 Aug. 2018… these frequent, exasperating intrusions that render one’s machine effectively dead. OpenSuSe Leap 15 has been updated. Nothing else about my system is problematic.

I also have a fresh install of Leap 15.0, and can confirm that dropbox has been a bit of a PITA. For me, though, dropbox is not yet done syncing the whole dropbox folder (large), so I am waiting for that to finish before evaluating I further. That said, one thing that I did do which seemed to help was disabling baloo indexing. That can be done by adding the following two lines to ~/.kde4/share/apps/config/baloofilerc:

[Basic Settings]

and then restarting baloo

balooctl stop
balooctl start

See if that helps?

Also if an upgrade did you reinstall dropbox??