Uncomplete upgrade to Plasma 5.11 in Leap 42.2 :(

I have Leap 42.2 with KDE Frameworks 5 & Plasma 5 repositories:


Unfortunately, it seems that the last upgrades to Plasma 5.11.0 from these repos are incomplete: the packages plasma5-desktop and plasma5-workspace seem to be stuck to versions 5.10.5 despite all other Plasma packages are updated to 5.11.0. :frowning: In repos for Leap 42.3 these packages have correct versions. Can we (Leap 42.2 users) hope for normal complete update of all Plasma packages to version 5.11.0 ?

there’s a build error

nothing provides cmake(LibKWorkspace) >= 5.11.0, nothing provides plasma5-workspace >= 5.11.0


nothing provides libgpgmepp.so.6()(64bit) needed by libkwalletbackend5-5

you could upgrade to 42.3

So, is it solvable or fatal?

It is recommended to upgrade to next Leap release 6 months later after it was released. My experience shows that upgrading to 42.2 from 42.1 just 2 months after 42.2 release was extremely bad idea, and I don’t like to repeat this mistake.

You should know that Leap 42.2 will be EOL ~January 2018


Yes, I know, and I am going to upgrade to 42.3 right in January 2018, when all possible third-party software will be definitely available. But now 42.2 still has 4 months of full-value life, and it would be nice if it was updated correctly.

you got that upside down
there is support for old versions 6 months after the current is out, seeing how 42.3 came out 3.5 months ago it’s stable as a rock and every repo that supports opensuse has been compiled for 42.3 waiting for the end of life to upgrade is silly
seeing how you want to use the latest kde packages maybe you should move to TW
about if this is going to get fixed the answer is probobly but 42.2 is based on SLE 12 sp2 and that is dead I doubt there is much work done on it seeing how it’s the weekend I wouldn’t expect anything before Monday (some opensuse services are currently down for me)

Just to clarify SLED/SLES 12 SP2 is out of general support on Mar 31, 2018 so not quite dead… SLES 12 SP2 LTSS goes until Mar 31, 2021 :wink:

I’m still on 42.2 on this machine…

2021? wow
I didn’t express my self best what I meant to say is 42.3 is based on SL12 Service Pack 3 and it should be installed as soon as it’s out (maybe wait a month for possible hiccups) but don’t wait until 42.2 is out of support
if this was Windows we’d be installing the service pack as soon as it was out not wait for 6 months to do it, another thing if I understood correctly all 42.x versions are considered the same OS ie LEAP the minor version can be thought of as a service packs that should be installed as soon as possible

Today the situation is the same. Upgrade to 5.11.1occurred without updating plasma5-desktop and plasma5-workspace. >:(

Hurrah! Today everything was updated correctly to 5.11.1 .