Wow opensuse 11. I will comment later

i am sure your terrific, intelligent, sharp, numerous, humorous insights will be sorely missed when you leave us, but we will try to make do without you if you do.


who ever said you had to pay ?

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the reasons some of these formats are not standard is due to licensing issues. the fact that some pages and repos are overloaded is probably due to the new release of 11 everyone downloading etc etc

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Did I miss something!

he had quite a rant about how OS11 sux (quote) and then changed it to “i will comment later” on second thought.

maybe a DW quote would be in place here

It is better to keep your mouth shut and be thought a fool than to open it and remove all doubt. (Mark Twain)


I missed it to…must have been an ‘edit’. [Now I get why you
folks time-out edits.:)]

Hmm…maybe forum-folks could DISABLE EDITS until
a user’s post-count hits 3? [Today seems to be the day for rants.]

I have an odd feeling that other distro users r purposely joining the forums to do their rants about them here for some reason, I could be wrong but reading some of the posts here really gives that impression. :frowning:

i really don’t get all that distro bashing. as long as it is running 2.6.x.y it is all the same anyway. We are all running linux and we should unite and support each other. if there HAS to be an “us” against “them” (which imho there shouldn’t be) it should be linux/bsd/unix/darwin/solaris against mickeysoft.

I hope this won’t be a trend because I sincerely dislike my distro is better then yours threads or “look what we have that they don’t” posts. This is the main reason why I think the fedora forums are an exceptional example among distros, always good advice from knowledgeable people even about other systems without bashing other distros, this is what I would like to see here too and not that ubuntuish fanboyism.


this idea I had also :wink:

I think with KDE-4, some of the other distribution more adventurous users are very very curious. Understandable, I think. I just wish they would wait a few weeks, until the dust settles, before they try out openSUSE-11.0. Else I think their assessment can be seen through an inaccurate filter.

While I have 11.0 running on a test PC, I don’t have the patience for glitches on my main PC, and hence I typically wait at least a few weeks (and sometimes do not install at all) before I install a new version on my main PC.


Distro bashing has been going on since as far back as I can remember and exactly what people tend to forget is the history of opensource or gpl, gnu, fsf software . Why we are using it and what exactly we are up against, if we want to make linux better as a whole community then we all need to put aside these petty differences.My distro is better than yours , or desktop X is better than Y. Program A is better than B. FFS when are people going to wake up and realize ?

Thats the problem no body wants to wait till kde 4 becomes more stable, right now there r many things that don’t work well in kde 4 for example “kinternet”.

Has someone noticed that most of these people don’t ask for help on their first post like they would on other forums, instead they come here, rant and leave.

Personally I love distro wars cause I usually win when I show people openSUSE :slight_smile:

More fighting, more competition, more innovation and everyone benefits from it or at least thats what I think :slight_smile:

distro ‘wars’ are such a waste of time. your linux is my linux is linus’ linux. gnome=gnome and KDE … well okay this time around KDE is not the same everywhere, especially ubuntu made a mess of KDE4 with Fedora somewhere in between.

But what is the point in trashing a distro? Most distros have a very valid niche in the markeet that suits a particular crowd. While I do not like ubuntu/mint it is the distro I’d install for my family just because it IS “linux for human beings”. I like fedora because it is as bleeding edge a binary distro gets. I like OpenSUSE because it plays nice with the M$ mickeysoft AD and network we use at the office and I love Arch because it is like lego and you can make anything you want but it just gives you 200mb of software and bash to begin with so it takes effort.

in the end we are all linux users, so rejoice and unite.


It’s ok because let’s face, everyone knows…
Steve watches over you all!

First of all like distro wars among distros which target the same audience, no point in gentoo vs openSUSE :stuck_out_tongue:

Gnome and Kde like u said r not the same everywhere either and neither r some features for example ubuntu and fedora got drive encryption now and many distros r buggier than others and offer different GUI tools.

How can u say “Ubuntu is for human beings”, that means openSUSE is for animals right?

this makes it seem that either openSUSE is easier or ubuntu users r dumber than animals.

In my opinion openSUSE is way easier than ubuntu, there is nothing ubuntu offers that others don’t. In fact u use SUSE so u obviously know SUSE offers a lot more.

then another thing is about innovation, openSUSE innovates, for example XGL/Compiz, AppArmor, etc, ubuntu has innovated as well by making the ugliest theme man kind has ever seen.

i said that because it is their slogun, not because I think so:


animals/humans? i just referred to how They call themselves.

still for my parents/aunts/etc. I’d sooner install ubuntu then opensuse. I personally think opensuse is great and does some things better then canonical and certainly provides more upstream apps and patches but for someone who just needs msn/internet/email I’d till go for ubuntu. the community is larger, the people in the community are on their level, apt doesn’t break - ever, i really dislike their theme but people attacking a distro for the color of its skin do not know how to value a distribution.

When installing for others I would like to have as little to do with it afterwards and make it so that people can help themselves. with ubuntu/mint everything works out of the box, their videocard and wobbly windows do their thing and with mint they can even play their dvd’s out of the box, so I pop in the cd let it run for 15 minutes and go home, easy as that.

which of course - and again - is not saying that I value ubuntu over opensuse. for ME opensuse is better suited. I like the way they do KDE and their admin tools, i think it is nearly on par with fedora. But then again fedora too has a different niche in the market, I like fedora because stuff can break and I get to fix it.


I guarantee u that if u let them try openSUSE, they will spit on the ubuntu discs u have, openSUSE is almost like the equivalent of OS X in the linux world, let them try openSUSE and then wait for their reply.

I don’t really want to get involved in this discussion per-se, as I have good friends who like Ubuntu, and most my work associates use Linux run Fedora. I have my own reasons for using openSUSE.

But in all seriousness, if you are only referring to msn/internet/email, there have to be a dozen distributions that do this fine, and one can’t seriously think another distribution is that much better with such a small criteria? Seriously? For msn/internet/email ? I don’t for one second believe that.

IMHO the best criteria for relatives in choosing a distribution is the support they can get. And I don’t think any other criteria even comes close. As I noted in a thread this weekend, I support my 82-year old mother on openSUSE. If she were on another distribution than openSUSE, she would get NO WHERE near the same level of support.

Surely support HAS to be the defining criteria for the bounds that you placed … i.e. “msn/internet/email” …

no they wouldn’t spit on their ubuntu disks, why would they? for THEM it is a prefectly fine, well translated easy to understand distro and yes i know i can set up opensuse for them to be just like it but what would for them be the advantage?

I would have to remove the SLAB since they would not get it (truth be told nor do I) and for the rest it is just thunderbird, firefox and pidgin all in dutch and preferably stable (thus in gnome). So why bother “converting” them? it works for them and with 8.04 they have a LTS install too so lots and lots of updates, I bet they will stay on 8.04 until 10.04 when I replace it for hem with the next LTS.

openSUSE is great. for you. for me. for lots of people but not the best thing since sliced bread nor does it matter to my family with their FF, heck they do not even change the default heron theme. as I said it isn’t a competition where my distro is better then yours and if all distros publish their improvements nd patches upstream we will all benefit.