unattended Microsoft HyperV 2012 network installation Via OpenSuse PXE Server

AnyIdea how to accomplish this?

I need to create a OpenSuse Linux PXE Server hosting Microsoft Hyper-V server 2012 images. The images will be also be configured for unattended installation.

I mean if I run a PC/VM and chose “boot from lan” or “Pxe Boot” . I will get unattended Hyper V server installation on that system.

Unable to find a ready document. geeks Help!!!

> Unable to find a ready document. geeks Help!!!

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please let us know what operating system and version you are using.

were all of these “ready documents” unhelpful?

but, they may not ‘fit’ your system! you wrote “OpenSuse Linux” and
there is no such thing…there is an openSUSE and then there is also
a SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (or Desktop) and the docs i pointed
you to are probably for the former, while maybe you are using the

learn what you are running with this command in a terminal:

lsb_release -sircd

if it says “openSUSE” 12.2 or 12.3 you are in the right forums and
you now have a list of findable and ready docs…let us know if you
run into trouble following them…

but, if you are using any version of SUSE Linux Enterprise you are in
the wrong forums and you need to head over to http://forums.suse.com/
where the Pass/ID you used here also works…

let us know how you get on!!


Hello Denver D

I am referring to this https://software.opensuse.org/123/en 32 bit

On this OS I need to run a PXE/boot from lan sort of server and I need to host

Microsoft Hyper-V Server 2012 Images

Microsoft Hyper-V Server 2012 | Virtualization | VDI

These Images shall be configured in such a way so that it will be unattended installation

The effect will be whenever I am running a new system/VM and selecting the PXE boot/boot from lan option, it would connect to the above server and install Microsoft Hyper V 2012 automatically.

I understand i am a newb but i guess I have made myself clear. please guide me suitably


Not sure why you want to run a VM from I assume a VM. You need some sort of VM in openSUSE to run another OS. So what you are asking seems to be how do I run a VM OS(HyperV0 in a VM on openSUSE?

Is this what you want to do. And can you say why you need to do it this way? It soes not seem to make a whole lot of sense to do this.