Unanswered posts

I may just be missing it, but is there a link somewhere where I can get a list of all unanswered posts?

I occasionally like looking at unanswered posts to see if I can help some poor sap (believe me… if they are waiting for ME to answer their questions, they are definitely in trouble! :wink: )

I think this will help in keeping people from feeling like they’ve been ignored or help stem off negative feelings.

From the forums home page click on the SEARCH link in the header. Select ADVANCED SEARCH. Under the SEARCH OPTIONS heading, change the first box to read:

Find Threads With AT MOST 0 replies

That should do it for you. You can also confine it by date.

Another quicker, but less effective option is to just click on the NEW POSTS link and scan the results for posts with 0 replies.

The recent forum updates have changed the options. It took me a few minutes, but figured it out. Go to the advanced search and select “posts” as the search type. Give it a second, and it should show new options below. Then set “find threads with” to “at most” and “0”. Save your search preferences, and then just use the advanced search to find unanswered posts each time.

I almost forgot the first step. After going to advanced search, in the top right select " search single content type". Multiple was selected by default, and not showing the simple “0” post option.