Unable to "wake" Opensuse 12.1 system with blank monitors

I have a opensuse 12.1 system with dual monitors using the Nouveau drivers. I do NOT have it set to automatically suspend in the Gnome 3 Power options. Last night I left this computer unattended for a couple of hours. When I came back both **monitors were blank, and no amount of pressing the spacebar or moving the mouse would wake them. **

I though maybe the system had gone into suspend, but I was able to easily SSH in from another computer on my network and reboot the system. Also I could still hear the fans running – normally these spin down if the system has been suspended.

Any idea how to fix this, or go about trouble shooting it?

On 12/07/2011 08:46 AM, mark95407 wrote:
> Any idea how to fix this, or go about trouble shooting it?

-=WELCOME=- new poster!

i’d first check the BIOS to see what kind of power/energy savings might
be there…

then i look in the “power management” section … oh wow, i know
nothing about gnome3, and i doubt any good will come of looking in Yast…

sorry…check the BIOS and then wait for a gnome3 guru

(if i thought gnome3 was kinda like KDE i’d suggest Configure Desktop >
Hardware > Power Management and check which profile you are using and
its set time to trigger “Screen Energy Savings” . . . but, i wouldn’t
know where to look on your machine)

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