unable to use telnet to connect to smpt server

I’m using something like telnet smtp.yahoo.com 25 and it comes back as not being able to connect to host on port 25. I don’t have port 25 blocked anywhere. I turned off the firewall and even opened up port 25 on the hardware firewall router. Any ideas? If I ping it I can connect.

Many ISPs are blocking outbound port 25.

I cannot connect either. That is not the yahoo server that I am supposed to be using.

Hmm, I cannot connect from a work system either, and I know that is not blocked. So maybe smtp.yahoo.com is blocking smtp connections itself.

Thanks for the reply. After searching on google, I found the answer. You’re right, the web hosting provider blocks port 25.

This had been driving me absolutely nuts. I was making all kinds of firewall port forwarding rules on my own firewall, etc. Turned out for naught.

When I discovered the correct port for the sending email via smtp with the web host, then I could send the mail. They forgot that part of the documentation and omitted that part in their Python code example. UGH

Thanks again…I think you helped me out yesterday.