Unable to umount Android phone/tablet


I have a OnePlus Phone and Lenovo A10 tablet and installed mtpfs.

Although they both mount and files can be copied/deleted through dolphin,
there is no way of un-mounting them. No eject arrow or menu options and
MTP is on through the device’s settings.

My other USB devices mount/unmount, no problem.

Any advise appreciated in advance!

Thanks - Steve

Hi Steve. In kde you should, if my memory serves me right, see an icon on the panel that will allow you to unmount your devices properly. Or you could use the command line and do the following:

df -h

note down what the device is called ie dev/sba1 then:

umount dev/sda

Hope this helps.

Hi Penguinclaw

Thanks for your help.

Just found another solution and it works 100%

Just install PCMANFM and use that for such devices.

All the best - Steve