unable to start FTP server (openSuse 11.3 RC1)

I couldn’t start FTP server from yast even though it’s installed .

Could you perhaps be little more informative as to what steps you have actually taken.

after installed opensuse 11.3 RC1 (fresh from dvd) , I go to the yast to start the FTP server . the vsftpd option is dim even though it’s installed during the opensuse installation.

I’m not in front of my 11.3 install ATM
Will check this later

I’m still not certain where you going for your settings, but I use ssh and if you set up ssh, you can do sftp://
in konq or dolphin

I have no idea what setting you talking about . I usually (on opensuse 11.2) , on installation I include the ftp network option . after installation , from yast , I set auto start from boot and click the start now button . it usually work right a way .

usually the vsftpd radio button is active but this time (opensuse 11.3 RC3) become gray out .

I check on the software management to make sure the vsftpd is installed.

Haven’t gotten to 11.3 yet, but on 11.2 you can start a server daemon from Yast/Sytem/SystemServices(runLevel) by highlighting the application (whatever FTP you installed) and cllicking on “enable”. Be sure to save if you want this setting to start FTP after future boots. You also have to open the firewall (Yast/SecurityAndUsers/Firewall) by adding FTP under “Allowed Services”–highlight FTP from the pulldown menu and then click on Add.

the problem solved when I uninstall and reinstall the vsftp from yast;)

forget to add .

DO not install/use the yast FTP server to do the setting . it cause error . the vsftp won’t start .

just install the vsftp and you can start rcvsftpd start .

indeed, it seems this bug is still present in 11.3 final. don’t use the yast2-ftp-server package to configure your ftp server, it messes up the config.

Facing the same problem… using “rcvsftpd start” from console work fine and if I use Yast for ftp, it gets screwed