Unable to 'share' folders to other openSuSE ws'

i have 3 openSuSE boxes in my house. One is 11.1, KDE 3/4 another is 11.2.updated from 11.1 and KDE 4.3.4 updated from 3/4 and my newest is 11.2 with KDE 4.3 installed.
All day i’ve been able to copy my files and settings working On the new 11.2 system (ps, All 3 ws’ have All updates as of last night), pulling them from the 11.1.
when i go to the 11.1 system which can see the other 11.1 system and it can see it, i can Not connect a sftp or fish connection or console ftp session to the 11.2 ws…
During installation i choose to use the Network Manager (that thing sucks, so i went into YaST and changed it to ifup (what was the default during setup… dumb ass i am).
My ‘firewall’ is has been disabled since install, i can get to the other 2 openSuSE boxes (ws, workstaions) and my windows xp ‘server’… NOPE, Not True… i only see the linux (openSuSE 11.2) ws … Nope that browsing Somba, i see the xp and linux 11.1 box and not the other opensuse with 11.1 and kde4.3.4…
every thing can see everything, but i can Not connect to the 11.2 ws using either of the Unix protocols.
I just figured out that i can see every thing i shared on the 11.2 ws using Samba browsing… What the heck?

thank you in advance,

i just walked through Everything again.
this time in ‘share’ i dis-selected ‘public’ in the NFS option under host name and it did not error saying that it could not find the root of the tree, home…
let’s see what happens.


Nope, made no difference.


Another thing,
I can brows my xp ws, but i can not use network connection wizard to create a ‘shortcut’ to a share on it. during the process, i am asked for a username and password… neither exist! Again, i can use the Samba ‘browse’ and get to any of the shares but can’t ‘map’ a shortcut.


Although i can browse this ws (openSuSE 11.2/KDE 4.3.4, Dell) i can not edit or create even a text file… no rights???

pissing me off.


Got it!!!

I was given a hint in another article about servers on in the network group.

’ is SSH disabled? ’ …
Yes it was…

Life Is soooo good right now…